Taking people’s health and the value of experience as a guideline in construction, Aqua City promises to be one of the most outstanding projects of the East Ho Chi Minh area, with the idea of ​​creating a space Living in a modern, classy and smart resort-style to catch up with the 4.0 technology era. A place that brings moments of relaxation, enjoyment and peace to residents.

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Aqua City Project Overview

Development unit Novaland Real Estate Group
Location Huong Lo 2 Street, Bien Hoa City – Dong Nai Province
Area More than 1,000ha + Construction density of 30% + 70% of green space, education & Shopping Mall facilities
Product Type Shophouse – Townhouse – Villa – Mansion
Scale Aqua City – Including 6 subdivisions: River Park 1, The Grand Villas, The Valencia, The Stella, The Elite, The Suite.

+ Townhouse Area: 6m x 20m; 7m x 20m; 8m x 20m.

+ Villa area: 10m x 20m; 12m x 20m; 15m x 20m; 15m x 31m.

+ Handover finished outside, rough delivery inside. built according to the model and each subdivision.

Utilities Aqua City owns a chain of 5-star utilities such as:

+ Land fund for education: 25 hectares to build international inter-level schools: kindergarten, primary school, junior high, high school

+ Land fund for medical works, international hospital: 3 hectares (3000m²).

+ Especially the theme park according to each subdivision up to 20 parks.

+ Trade Center, Marina, Walking Area … All are available at Aqua City, All facilities are 5-star class.

Initiation of construction 5/2019
Hand Over Expected 5/2023

Aqua City Project Location

Aqua City owns a ” prime” position adjacent to the eastern area of Ho Chi Minh City, located at the intersection of the main roads, so it will be easy to move from the project to the city. Ho Chi Minh City, Long Thanh international airport via Huong Lo route connecting HCMC – Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway.

From Aqua City Project can move easily to places

– Long Thanh Golf Course 5 minutes
– City Center. Bien Hoa 10 minutes
– Long Thanh International Airport 20 minutes
– Son Tien International Tourist Area and Shing Mark Medical –
– University Hospital 7 minutes
– Metro Line 1 Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien and Thu Thiem Center 15 minutes
– City Center. Ho Chi Minh 30 minutes


Thanks to its prime location, near arterial roads such as: Long Thanh – Dau Giay – Ho Chi Minh City Expressway. Ho Chi Minh City; Bien Hoa – Vung Tau Expressway; Bien Hoa – Phan Thiet Expressway; Belt 4; Metro line Ben Thanh – Bien Hoa; National Highway 1A, 51, etc. So traveling between cities is extremely convenient, because that has created potential for profitability and high liquidity for this project.

Aqua City Project Utilities

Novaland is one of the most prestigious investors in Vietnam’s real estate industry, focusing on building and developing projects that bring great value to help improve the lives of residents. In general, residents and urban areas developed by Novaland can be seen, in addition to the luxurious and classy design, the internal facilities are also an outstanding point. With the green coverage density of the Aqua City project as high as 70%, Novaland has the criterion of bringing a high-class green living city to its residents.

Aqua City Interior Utilities

5-star Kayak marina

  • Aqua Garden
  • Club House
  • Riverside Walking Road
  • The modern and luxurious commercial center
  • School, children’s play area
  • City Sport Center

Where family moments are more complete, where class experiences are no longer strange, that’s what Aqua City promises to bring to its residents.

Outside Area Utilities

Aqua City có vị trí vô cùng đắc địa phía Nam thành phố Biên Hòa, dự án chỉ giáp Quận 9 một con sông. Đây là khu vực đang được nhà nước đẩy mạnh hạ tầng giao thông kết nối với thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Aqua City nằm trong khu vực có quỹ đất sạch, hạ tầng đồng bộ và được đầu tư nhiều dự án vui chơi, giải trí quy mô lớn.

  •  350 hectares Long Thanh Golf Course
  • 180 hectares Sơn Tiên tourist area.
  • Shing mark International Hospital (1500 hospital bed)
  • 5000 hectares Long Thanh International Airport

Overall Plan of Aqua City Project

With four sides bordering the river, Aqua City is likened to a beautiful pearl located in the heart of the ocean, outstanding with luxury and class. This is considered a golden position, where there is a source of dragon veins flowing throughout, bringing good luck and fortune.

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Aqua City – Novaland with a scale of 1,000 hectares, a greening density of up to 70%, 32km adjacent to the river surface and 20 parks to create a fresh and peaceful living space, a 5-star resort standard life.

Potential Investment

The project investor is Novaland and the VITECCONS construction contractor are two highly reputable units in the real estate market, specifically the projects from Novaland investors are always sold out very quickly after the first sale phase. In addition, Aqua City’s prime location, convenient for traffic, close to Long Thanh International Airport has started construction, resonating all the above factors, according to real estate experts. Real Estate is a very profitable project in the future.

Show House – Aqua City Project

With a European-style interior design – open space and minimal concrete, making the space inside the house airy and comfortable, the yellow light system creates a cozy feeling to help the living experience is significantly added value.

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If you are interested in the Aqua City project, please leave your contact information in the comment section below, or contact 168 Property, we are always honored and ready to provide services to you.

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