What is a property management?

The property management company is the third party responsible for all issues about the condition of the investor’s real estate properties: from finding and managing tenants, maintaining the condition of the property Real estate by maintenance, calling and supervising repairs, consulting on legal issues of the lease contract and ensuring the rights and responsibilities of the parties on the lease… property management company management service is a comprehensive solution for investors to solve all difficulties for their real estate asset management and leasing.

If you are a investor, have you ever encountered questions like these:

“Who can take care of my house in the best way”

“Who can help me find the best Interior Design agency?”

“Who can help me complete the requirements after handing over the apartment?”

“Who can help me find home appliance repair units?”

“Who can help me manage properties in different regions?”

What services does 168Property Company provide?

168 Property is one of the pioneering companies in Vietnam providing real estate management and exploitation services to investors. We will help investors solve all the difficulties of leasing their real estate properties.


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Why choose 168Property company?

At 168Property we have all 3 most important factors to form a professional real estate

  • People: The staff is well-trained and selects people who are suitable for the corporate culture.
  • Management system: A long-standing professional management system from abroad is filtered to suit the Vietnamese apartment market
  • Experience: With many years of experience in property management for individual investors before officially established in May 2018 we are confident and sure that we have a deep understanding of the real estate property management process. apartments for investors.