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With more than 15 years of experience in the field of investment consulting and real estate distribution, he realizes the immense value of solutions to manage and optimize profits for investors in the real estate market. in Viet Nam. Since then, he was determined to pursue his mission to become a trendsetter.

He shared, “More and more domestic and foreign investors buy apartments in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi to invest in rental. However, administrative procedures in the field of Real Estate are still quite complicated for foreigners. At the same time, remotely self-managing Real Estate is not easy and has many potential risks.

Realizing that with the market demand, it is necessary to have a professional, reputable and effective distribution investment management and consulting company to maximize the profitability of real estate. On that foundation, “168 Property Investment and Consulting Co., Ltd” was born and developed sustainably to this day.

With the main mission of being a reliable bridge to help foreign investors be more confident when investing in the Vietnamese market. Our highly trained team and strict management process ensure investors’ real estate and generate the highest returns.


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The real estate market in the years 2008 – 2009 had a lot of fluctuations due to special attention from individual and institutional investors. Company director Banh Minh Quang said: “About 10 years ago, Vietnam received massive foreign investment in the real estate market with the high-end apartment segment”. There are customers from Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong who have invested in the high-end apartment market in Vietnam with extremely large amounts of capital and the number of up to 20 – 30 apartments, but that is not the case. raises many questions about management and profitability, but at the same time this large amount of real estate.

Having the opportunity to interact and confide in a Taiwanese investor and listen to her confide sheds light on the difficulties in real estate management for foreigners. The first is the geographical distance, the second is the language and cultural barrier that hinders the process of renting or trading real estate, although there are many multinational companies that provide real estate management services, however. they do not provide her with a comprehensive and highly synchronized management model inside the apartment.

Through talking with foreign real estate investors and from his accumulated experience during his work, he realized the growing potential for growth in the field of real estate management, which motivated him to establish a business. Real Estate Investment Services Co., Ltd. 168 Property with the mission of bringing a professional and comprehensive residential real estate management model, is a valuable partner of individual and institutional real estate investors.


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Taking the human factor as the center in the operation process

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Always put yourself in the customer’s shoes.

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Working together in the spirit of progress together.

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Always be creative and innovative in the method of operating the management process.
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Always work based on the motto “reputation given, value received”.



With the motto of operation, taking customers as the center. We are always creative step by step in method and careful in operating the process with the goal of bringing value to customers.