Dong Nai Built on a total area of ​​170ha, Izumi City offers many types of real estate such as apartments, townhouses, villas, grand villas…

The end of 2021 is expected to be the recovery period of the real estate market after a long period of being affected by Covid-19. In which, the product line that receives a lot of attention from investors is an integrated urban model that meets both living and investment needs thanks to a complex of utilities, well-planned landscape, satisfying living needs. , entertainment, entertainment and relaxation of residents.

Prominent is the Izumi City project located in the east of Ho Chi Minh City, developed by Nam Long investor and Japanese partner Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corporation to create an integrated urban area under the model of “modern township” according to modern standards in the world gender.

The perspective of Izumi City compound subdivision phase 1.

The project is planned with 5 separate connecting axes including the commercial axis, life rhythm axis, relaxation axis, ecological axis, river axis, connecting the nature of rivers with the hustle and bustle of the city…

“Izumi City can meet the needs of customers buying to live and invest in space, living environment as well as the potential for the price increase of the project in the long term,” the representative of the investor shared.

Built on a total area of ​​170ha, Izumi City develops a variety of real estate types such as apartments, townhouses, villas, grand villas… In which, the Izumi City phase 1 compound is introduced to the market. 275 products including commercial townhouses and garden townhouses belong to the high-end segment. The products meet the diverse needs of customers including investment, exploitation, business, buy-to-let, live-in or long-term investment to catch the price increase.

Commercial townhouses have a structure of a ground floor, a mezzanine and two floors. Thanks to the open facade, the owner can choose to exploit many suitable business models to optimize profits such as hotels, shops, cafes, bars, restaurants… The upstairs area can be Optimizing the family’s living space, both private and convenient to run the business.

Perspective of a commercial townhouse in front of the main road at the Izumi City compound phase 1.

The perspective of a commercial townhouse in front of the main road at the Izumi City compound, phase 1.

The commercial townhouse product is only 24 units, accounting for 8% of the total product in phase 1. The limited quantity is also one of the reasons to attract investors. According to a representative of Nam Long, commercial townhouses are expected to contribute to changing the face of the city, transport infrastructure, commerce and services in the near future.

Going inside the isolated compound Izumi City phase 1 is a garden townhouse with a facade design of 6-8m with modern style. The garden townhouse is designed with 3 floors, depending on the location, customers will inherit a view of the wide main road, a vibrant clubhouse or a park with immense green space.

Perspective of TH1 garden townhouse in Izumi City compound subdivision phase 1.

The perspective of TH1 garden townhouse in Izumi City compound subdivision phase 1.

The garden townhouse models have the advantage of a large frontage, extending the view to the green space outside the house, and arranging a spacious balcony so that family member can rest, relax, and bring nature. nature closer to home. This subdivision is protected by a 3-layer security fence, ensuring 24/7 safety, along with a chain of utilities to help residents enjoy privacy, freedom but still connect and comfort.

“The townhouse products in the Izumi City compound subdivision phase 1 promise to bring many business opportunities to customers, generate stable profits and bring value from a series of utilities of the integrated urban area. modern, “the representative of Nam Long commented.

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