The Metropole Thu Thiem District 2 project is located in the new urban area of Thủ Thiêm, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. The project is developed by reputable real estate investors, Sơn Kim Land & Hongkong Land. It boasts a massive scale of 75,965m2 and offers a diverse range of apartments from 1-4 bedrooms. This is sure to heat up the Thủ Thiêm and Ho Chi Minh City real estate market like never before.

The project is divided into four main stages, each with a separate area, including The Galleria, The Crest, The Opera, and The Opusk Residence. Each area provides different scales and types of products, combining to create a future super city, The Metropole Thủ Thiêm, which experts have rated as the Shanghai of Vietnam.

The Metropole Thu Thiem is a luxury mixed-use complex located in the core of Thu Thiem new urban area, just across the Thu Thiem 2 bridge to Dist 1. With a prime location and strategic connections, the project will be the only central complex surrounded by all new city landmarks as New City Opera House, Convention Center, Central Plaza, Riverside Park, Central Lake, Cresent Boulevard Underground Retail Link connected directly to station of Metro line 2. The Metropole Thu Thiem is promised to be the new destination for Saigon people.




Project Location • Thu Thiem New Urban Area, District 2, HCMC

Investor • Son Kim Land & Hongkong Land

Design • DP Architects

General Contractor • Updating

Pile foundation construction • Updating

Management and operation • Updating

Total area • 75,965m2

Construction density • Updating

Type of investment • High-class apartments, Shophouse, Penthouse, Duplex, Officetel Office, Retail Trade Center

Project scale • Consists of 4 phases with 4 main subdivisions:

1.The Galleria Residences (sold out)

Total: 456 units
Scale: 3 towers with 12 floors
Type: Apartments from 1 to 4 bedrooms with an area of ​​49 – 170m2 and Penthouse with an area of ​​244m2

2. The Crest Ressidences (sold out)

Total: 250 units
Scale: 3 towers with 24 floors
Type: Apartment from 1 to 3 bedrooms with an area of ​​79 – 151m2, Studio apartment with an area of 47m2 and Duplex with an area of ​​86 – 151m2

3. The Opera Residences (sold out)

Total: 646 units
Scale: 2 towers Scala and Massimo 24 floors high
Type: Apartments from 1 to 4 bedrooms with an area of 54-181m2, Studio apartments with an area of 47m2, Lofthouses with an area of ​​55 – 176m2, Duplex with an area of ​​227 – 286m2 and Sky Villas with an area of ​​80 – 335m2

4. The Amaris Residences (receiving bookings)

Total: 192 units
Scale: 2 towers 28 – 36 floors high
Type: updating

Utilities The Metropole Thu Thiem • Kindergarten and Primary School, Park, Sports Center (gym, spa, yoga…), Square, BBQ Garden, food court, library, delivery room common activities, jogging track, swimming pool…

Construction starts • Quarter I/2018

Expected handover • In 2020

Legal • Pink book

Ownership form • Vietnamese people: Long-term • Foreigners: 50 years under current law


The Metropole Thủ Thiêm Quận 2 is a luxurious apartment project located in the heart of the future administrative center of District 2. With its outstanding prestige and a scale of over 8 hectares, it is the perfect place to live and invest in the bustling urban area of Thủ Thiêm with a stunning view of the Saigon River. The Metropole Thủ Thiêm is known as a renowned financial and commercial district in Vietnam, and the most prosperous in Asia. It is often compared to other iconic locations such as Pudong in Shanghai, Raffles City in Singapore, or Darling Harbour in Sydney.

The Metropole Thủ Thiêm project is divided into 4 main phases:

The Galleria Residences

Total units: 456

Scale: 3 towers, 12 floors each

Unit types: 1-4 bedroom apartments with areas ranging from 49-170m2 and penthouses with an area of 244m2

The Crest Residences

Total units: 250

Scale: 3 towers, 24 floors each

Unit types: 1-3 bedroom apartments with areas ranging from 79-151m2, studio apartments with an area of 47m2, and duplex apartments with areas ranging from 86-151m2

The Opera Residences

Total units: 646

Scale: 2 towers, Scala and Massimo, 24 floors each

Unit types: 1-4 bedroom apartments with areas ranging from 54-181m2, studio apartments with an area of 47m2, Lofthouse apartments with areas ranging from 55-176m2, duplex apartments with areas ranging from 227-286m2, and sky villas with areas ranging from 80-335m2

The Opusk Residences

Total units: 192

Scale: 2 towers, 28-36 floors each

Unit types: to be updated.


The Metropole Thu Thiem project of Son Kim Land is inspired by classical European architecture and modern lifestyle. With the goal of bringing a prosperous life, close to nature, ensuring security and a fresh and classy living environment for residents.


The Metropole Thu Thiem is located in the heart of District 2 Thu Thiem, on the banks of the Saigon River, providing you with beautiful views of the park and the green river like a miniature European land in the heart of the crowded city.


The Metropole Thu Thiem is a high-class apartment project with a beautiful view on the Saigon River, promising to become a unique architectural symbol in Thu Thiem. With a harmonious natural space, this is a place where residents can be proud of their apartment. The project is highly appreciated for its convenient location, potential value from infrastructure, as well as future development opportunities. The Metropole Thu Thiem deserves to be one of the best projects in District 2.


Leading real estate developer SonKim Land Corporation, Quoc Loc Phat JSC (Quoc Loc Phat), and Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) have signed a strategic cooperation agreement and officially kicked off The Metropole Thu Thiem project in Thu Thiem New Urban Area (District 2, Ho Chi Minh City).

This strategic cooperation agreement will contribute to maximising the strength of each party in implementing and developing the project.


Notably, the project owner Quoc Loc Phat has the financial strength as well as investment capital from foreign shareholders. The authorities have approved all legal procedures, land allocation, project investment and Quoc Loc Phat has fulfilled all financial obligations for the land lots in the project.

SonKim Land, with its experience in developing high-end real estate projects in Vietnam, is confident to successfully develop the project in accordance with the standards of a smart and high-class urban area.

Do you know who is the investor of The Metropole Thu Thiem apartment project? That is Son Kim Land, a famous real estate developer in Vietnam and considered a tycoon in the industry. Established in 2015, Son Kim Land has continuously achieved many amazing successes and is considered as one of the new breezes for the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.

Investor of The Metropole Thu Thiem project, District 2
If you mention Son Kim Land, it is impossible not to mention their 3 class projects, which are Gateway Thao Dien, The Nassim Thao Dien and Serenity Sky Villas.

Gateway Thao Dien District 2 is the product of the cooperation between Son Kim Land and Hamon Developments, with a value of 105 million USD. The project includes 4 high-class towers with nearly 600 products from 1-4 bedrooms. Modern, luxurious design and 5-star high-class furniture, with kitchen equipment, wc of SB Furniture, Teka, Kohler…

The Nassim Thao Dien District 2 co-operated by Son Kim Land & Hong Kong Land, with a scale of 4 29-storey towers, expected to be completed in June 2018. This is a line of luxury apartments with royal style, elegant and elegant, a pride for owners.

Serenity Sky Villas District 3 is a project of 1,505 m2, including 17 floors and 45 villas, built in the “villa village” in the old Saigon era (a living area reserved for the elite in the past). , located right on Dien Bien Phu street (between Le Quy Don and Tran Quoc Thao). This is a super luxury line with prices up to 117 million/m2 for apartments.


To get to The Metropole Thu Thiem apartment in District 2, you just need to go to Thu Thiem peninsula, District 2. This is the central location of the East Saigon area and an attractive destination of the city. The project is located in Thu Thiem urban area, functional area No.

With this location, you can easily move to Thu Thiem pedestrian bridge 2 (completed in 2018) and Metro station No. 1. The Metropole is also designed to face the Saigon River, creating a living space. beautiful and wonderful. Many people consider this to be one of the most expensive projects in the East Zone.

In addition, The Metropole also has a beautiful natural landscape with many trees and beautiful riverside ecosystems. The project is located in an area with synchronously developed transport infrastructure, making it easier to move and experience utilities. Nearby facilities include the City Ballet Theatre, riverside park, Central Plaza, city convention center and entertainment shopping center in District 1. In addition, The Metropole is close to Thu Thiem Bridge. 2, Thu Thiem pedestrian bridge, Thu Thiem 1 bridge and Thu Thiem tunnel.

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The Metropole Thu Thiem project consists of four land plots with a combined area of 7.6 hectares. The design of the project is inspired by the quintessential designs of Barangaroo (Sydney) and East Circular Quay (Sydney), integrated to suit the Vietnamese context and culture.



This is one of the future urban areas of Ho Chi Minh City with many high-class facilities that Son Kim Land provides for residents such as swimming pool, green park, BBQ area, sports field, entertainment area and walking path. Son Kim Land wants to make The Metropole Thu Thiem the most livable place not only in HCMC but also in the whole country.


In addition, the garden apartment here is also a special highlight, giving residents the high-class experience when owning a garden in front of the house, to satisfy their hobby of growing flowers, green trees and clean vegetables. right on the doorstep or organize BBQ parties with friends and partners, and enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful river.


The apartments at The Metropole Thu Thiem are also creatively and modernly designed and all have river views, ensuring optimized living space and catching wind and natural light. The quality of every detail is highly appreciated and meets the needs of all residents with a comfortable, modern and energy-saving Smart home system.



Designed by a world-renowned company, the ground floor of Metropole Thu Thiem apartments has been arranged according to functional subdivisions to make the most of its use. The architects have focused on key factors including a prime location right in front of the river and near the bridge, convenient facilities for residents, and perfect use.

In addition, The Galleria Residences – one of the two apartments in The Metropole Thu Thiem project – was also opened for sale first by Sonkim Land. This project is expected to have 456 apartments from 1 to 4 bedrooms with the selling price of less than 8000 USD/m2.

Floor plan of The Galleria Residences (phase 1)

An apartment at The Galleria Residences is not only a place to live but also a colorful work of art with verdant landscapes, vibrant flowers and azure rivers. Besides, with high-class utility services, Metropole Thu Thiem offers residents a wonderful and separate living environment that cannot be found in any other project.


The Crest Residences plan (phase 2)

Built in 2019 on the central planning land fund with a scale of 13,168m2, the project includes 3 towers from 24 to 30 floors high with 3 basements. In particular, the apartment building and 2 office buildings were built together, creating a unique architectural picture, showing the majesty and power of The Metropole Thu Thiem brand.

With low construction density, the investor focuses on building green living spaces and internal utilities such as schools, squares, etc. All are integrated in modern architecture with eye-catching and impressive exterior.


Floor plan of The Opera Residences (phase 3)

One of the most beautiful apartments in Metropole Thu Thiem project. With a prime location on land plot 1.13 Thu Thiem and large area up to 11,370m2, this apartment complex has a total of 646 apartments of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom types. All apartments are designed in a colorful art style, creating a modern, comfortable and classy living space on the banks of the Saigon River.


The Opusk Residences plan (phase 4)

This is the last subdivision in The Metropole Thu Thiem project in District 2 with an area of up to 8,518m2 and includes 2 towers of 28 and 36 floors. After the success of the previous 3 phases, we are confident that The Opusk Residences subdivision will bring customers a great experience with synchronous infrastructure, convenient connectivity and classy and luxurious design. Hope you enjoy this place!



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1, 2, 3,4 BR
  • Very efficient and regular layout.
  • Specious Bedroom, living,dinning room with proper kitchen
  • All bedrooms have the full height glass windows
  • All units have the specious loggiawith the folding sliding glass door (Doors can open fully)
  • Majority units have the river& CBD views
  • Ceiliing height: 3.4 m
  • All 4 BR units have the private lift
  • All bathrooms have ducted proper Mechanical ventilation(this will remove smell out of the building)
  • Full finish
  • All units have cooker & hud, build-in fridge& build-in oven.
  • Washing cum drying machine
  • Very efficient, regular layoutand high ceilling
  • Specious Bedroom, living,dinning room with proper kitchen
  • All bedrooms have the full height glass windows
  • All units have the specious loggiawith the folding sliding glass door (Doors can open fully)
  • Majority units have the river view
  • Ceiliing height: 4.5 m
  • PH with the private lift
  • Bare-shell
  • Fully finished loggia


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Do you know the model house of The Metropole Thu Thiem project in District 2? These beautiful apartments are cleverly arranged at the podium of the project, making it more convenient for residents to use utilities. When living at The Metropole Thu Thiem, you will enjoy a classy and perfect life from every angle. Whatever you need or want, just a few steps or a phone call away.

In my opinion, The Metropole Thu Thiem project is full of perfect utilities, from quantity to quality. You will never have to worry about missing something. If you want to experience a wonderful life, visit the project’s model house and feel it.


Hope you will find an ideal place to live and develop at The Metropole Thu Thiem.

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