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Ho Chi Minh CityThe establishment of Thu Duc city, along with a modern and synchronous infrastructure system, is creating a big push for the real estate market in the eastern area.

The increasing appearance of real estate projects from domestic and international investors is gradually creating a modern urban complex in the eastern area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City. In particular, Thu Duc city and a part of Bien Hoa and Long Thanh are the new urban centers, promising to open up a high-class living space. It not only attracts businessmen, experts and highly qualified workers to live and work, but also orients itself to become an international trade center.

Izumi City is located at the intersection of Nam Cao and Huong Highway 2, and is surrounded by Dong Nai and Ben Go rivers.

According to the plan, after forming, the creative urban area in the east of Ho Chi Minh City will connect three functions, including: center for research and application of science – technology; centers for education – training qualified and high-quality human resources; center for production and trading of high-tech goods and services. This will be the nucleus to promote the economic development of the city and the southern region in the context of the industrial revolution 4.0.

Recently, Japanese real estate group Hankyu Hanshin and Nam Long Group combined to launch the Izumi City integrated urban area with a scale of up to 170 hectares, about 5.5km of Dong Nai river and Ben Go river frontage. This project is likened to the “heart” of the urban population in the east of the city when it is located in the center of the new urban areas spread along both sides of the Dong Nai river, connecting the cities of Thu Duc, Bien Hoa and Di An. and Nhon Trach city, Long Thanh airport city is under development.


Perspective of phase 1 development under the compound model of Izumi City which is introducing to the real estate market.

Perspective of phase 1 development under the compound model of Izumi City which is introducing to the real estate market.

Izumi City is a complex urban complex consisting of high-rise apartments, commercial townhouses, garden townhouses, high-class compound villas and a complex of utilities on five development axes including commerce, life, relaxation. , ecology and rivers.

According to the representative of the investor, in addition to the utility resonance in the urban population of the East, Izumi City owns a utility ecosystem for an ideal living space, fully meeting all living, entertainment and entertainment needs. living, studying, working and shopping of residents on the Dong Nai River but still ensure quietness and privacy.

At Izumi City, residents will have the most stylish and classy living experiences, but every day job is still extremely convenient thanks to a multi-connected transportation system, from roads, highways, waterways to waterways. metro, air…

Future residents of Izumi City will enjoy unique living values ​​by the Dong Nai River

Future residents of Izumi City will enjoy unique living values ​​by the Dong Nai River.

Representative of Nam Long Group shared, Hankyu Hanshin, Nam Long and their partners include WATG (Singapore), Belt Collins (Hong Kong), TWOG, ICIC (Vietnam), Arcadis (Netherlands) and Aurecon (Australia). .. is putting all its resources into this key project. “When fully developed, Izumi City will be a full piece of the new urban complex in the East of Ho Chi Minh City because of its prosperity and excitement but still covered with green flowers and surrounding Dong Nai river ecology.” , the representative said.

In the coming time, the East area will be developed traffic infrastructure in the direction of a smart city. The Department of Transport expects the investment amount to be up to 300,000 billion VND. On the Dong Nai side, Long Thanh International Airport with an investment of more than 16 billion USD and the leading airport city in Southeast Asia is accelerating its deployment. This is considered an advantage to create attraction for projects in the eastern area, in which Yes Izumi City is a bright spot because of its careful planning, rich utility system and ecological living environment filled with green.

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