Following the success of LUMIÈRE riverside in District 2, Lumiere Boulevard raises the standard of living, bringing innovative innovative amenities, lush gardens filled with natural light. LUMIÈRE Boulevard promises to be the project with the largest 3D green architecture in Ho Chi Minh City.



Trade name
  • Masterise Homes
  • Center of Vinhomes Grand Park urban area, Thu Duc city
  • 9.125,8m2
Construction density
  • 27.9%
Product type
  • Apartment, Shophouse, Officetel
  • Luxury apartment, shophouse
  • 1BR: 50 – 53 m2
  • 1BR+: 51 – 54 m2
  • 2BRs: 67 – 76 m2
  • 3 bedrooms: 90 – 99 m2
  • Duplex: 50 – 97 m2
  • Penthouse: 224 – 370 m2
  • Shophouse: 70 – 121 m2
  • 5 blocks 22 – 30 floors high
Total number of products
  • 2,500 units
  • Long-term ownership for Vietnamese people 50 years for foreigners

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Location of project Lumiere Boulevard

Located in the heart of Thu Duc new city. Lumiere Boulevard apartment complex owns a prime location in the heart of Vinhomes Grand Park urban area, in Long Binh and Long Thanh My wards, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City.

Possessing a central position with the front is the arterial Ring Road 3, behind is the largest theme park in Southeast Asia with a scale of 36ha. Along with that, it is surrounded by the poetic Tac and Dong Nai rivers.

Vị trí dự án Lumiere Boulevard Quận 9

Connected urban life in Thu Duc new city

LUMIÈRE Boulevard offers residents many conveniences: just minutes away from international schools, shopping malls, hospitals and hundreds of amenities in the Grand Park metropolitan area.

Modern infrastructure helps residents easily move to key points in the area: 20 minutes to the city center, 15 minutes to Long Thanh international airport. A perfect ecosystem that brings all the high-class amenities in just a few steps.

Utilities of Lumiere Boulevard District 9

The most luxurious facilities that customers will experience at Lumierer Boulevard 𝗟𝘂𝗺𝗶𝗲𝗿𝗲 will be the apartment with the largest green area in HCMC with 37,000 square meters of green space (~4 hectares)

  • High-class utility system only for Residents: Equipped with an outdoor cinema with a large screen
  • Equipped with outdoor cinema with large screen
  • Discovery Route & Magical Garden (equipped with unique and unique nighttime LED lighting effects, promising to be an extremely popular spot)
  • Lounge in the garden, underwater, cinema (extremely chill with great view of the project)
  • Small waterfall scene – children’s play (With fountains and rain – will recreate the childhood corner of parents a few decades ago)
  • Kite flying area & Paper boat racing (A very favorite place that brings great spiritual value to children)

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LUMIÈRE Boulevard pioneers to establish a high-class green lifestyle with hundreds of utilities on the doorstep. From the Discovery Trail, the Magic Garden, the Water and Garden Lounge, the Outdoor Cinema to the Kite Area, Paper Boat Race, Luxury Swimming Pool, and more. exciting discovery for standard resort life every day.

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Green lifestyle has become more popular globally than ever, LUMIÈRE Boulevard has caught up with the trend, built a unique green utility system with the largest vertical garden in the city. Ho Chi Minh City and the interior landscape with a total green area covering 37,000 m.

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At LUMIÈRE Boulevard, every moment is a quality time for family members to bond. Each apartment is the perfect home with modern designs with exquisite materials, in harmony from the common space to the bedroom, not only bringing comfort to the family when gathering but also respecting each moment. privacy of each member.

tien-ich-du-an-lumiere-boulevard-quan-9 (1)tien-ich-du-an-lumiere-boulevard-quan-9 (1)tien-ich-du-an-lumiere-boulevard-quan-9 (1)

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Pioneering International Real Estate Developmer

Masterise Homes – a member of the Masterise Group, is a pioneering international real estate developer applying global standards to the development, operation and management of real estate products and services in Vietnam and the world.

Owning the largest Branded Residences portfolio in Southeast Asia, Masterise Homes affirms its international capabilities through its partnership with Marriott International – the world’s largest hotel group with Marriott, JW brands. Marriott and the Ritz-Carlton.

Masterise Homes is committed to constantly creating high-class architecture and worthy experiences for customers, creating timeless values ​​that are recognized worldwide.

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